The Team

Daniel Greenburg, MD, 46
Seattle, WA. Hematologist, Blood researcher, Lab rat. Teller of good dog stories. A mind full of medical jokes and other trivia. Dan was instrumental in the direction (arm waving) of the tire repairs in Guyallamba.
Larry Greenburg, 52
NYC. Steel executive, Accomplished Artist, Man of steel. Larry tends to wander off. That is why we roped up even around town. Like any typical New Yorker he has no fear of major rock falls.
John Kurnick, MD, 61
LA, CA. Oncologist, Hematologist, world explorer, humorist, wineknow. Drinks vast quantities of "Boris Yeltzin Vodka" before climbs. A real climbing machine who recalls the exact altitude of every peak he has conquered over the past 50 years.
Kevin Kelly, 48
Tucson, Arizona. Aerospace Engineer, Air Guard Fighter Pilot, destroyer of worlds. As the lone Republican and hawk on the team he checked ropes closely for cuts. He thanks the others for fueling and arming his F-16 with their tax dollars.
Frazier Perkins, MD, 52
LA, CA. Gas Passer, Official Black Diamond helmet field tester, marginal card bluffer, collector of antique backpacks. Took a rock in the head for the team on Chimborazo with no obvious effects. Left contents of stomach in Quito Airport trash can.
Joe Wolfgruber, 63
Honolulu, Hawaii. Man of Moderation,slum lord, tile contractor. Two time Mt Everest veteran. Will complete the Seven Summits with his third attempt on Everest in May 2003. Hard to keep up with this guy. Prefers own trail and wives under 30.
Shayan Rohani - 27
Salt Lake City, UT. Our fearless leader, Lead Mountain Guide and trip orchestrator, an amazing chef, commercial fisherman. Truly a master mountain guide, leader and a rock solid train engineer.
Oswaldo Feire, 26
Quito, Ecuador. Superhero mountain guide. THE BEST known and respected Ecuadorian mountaineering guide. Actually the top mountain dog in country. This is the only real truth you will find on this CD. Too modest to tell you this of course but we found out.
Javier, 27
Quito, Ecuador. Another rock solid Ecuadorian climbing guide. A man of action but few words. Did not want to be photographed because he is in the witness protection program. Guide number 3 on Cotopaxi.
Alejandro, 24
Quito, Ecuador. Mountain Guide. Another great local guide. Chick magnet. Says he does this to meet women. Guide number 3 on Chimborazo.
Mike Linhardt, 26

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