Giovanni Paolo Pannini (Italian, 1691-1765)

Gallery of the
Views of Modern Rome - 1758
Musée du Louvre, Paris

Giovanni Paolo Pannini (Italian, 1691-1765) was born in 1691 in Piacenza and died in 1765 in Rome. He was trained as a stage designer but became famous in Rome as the leading painter of real and imaginary views of the city. He was the first artist to devote his painting to the study of ruins. He also did paintings of festivities and historical events and taught perspective at the Academie de France in Rome. His decision to concentrate on ruins and imaginary views took hold after his move to Rome in 1717. Pannini often created paintings documenting Rome's public celebrations and festivities, as well as happenings of historical significance.

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Highly skilled at portraying architectural detail, Pannini demonstrates his excellence in draftsmanship in the Gallery of the Views of Ancient Rome, painted in 1758. Unbelievably descriptive, the painting brings to life the historicaland famous monuments of Rome, including the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Column of Trajan , various triumphal arches dedicated to rulers of Rome, and other significant ruins of antiquity.

Pannini's paintings gained favor with French aristocracy and established a foothold for him in the French Academy in Rome. Tourists competed for his paintings of the vogue sites in the city and many galleries made a point of obtaining his very popular works. Pannini exercised a powerful influence upon a number of French painters in Rome, including Hubert Robert.

Pannini's importance lies in the fact that as a teacher at the most prestigious art academy in Rome, the Academie de France, Pannini taught a generation of French and Italian painters how to synthesize of the heritage of the Italian renaissance with the innovations of recent French painting.

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