Kimbell Art Museum Exhibition
June 5 - August 8, 1982

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The absence of a collection location or history indicates the work is now lost, unlocated, or unidentified.

1774 - Academie de Saint Luc
Pierre Louis Dumesnil, Rector Of the Academie de Saint Luc
Allegory of Painting - Sold Galerie Charpentier, Paris, December 17, 1949, lot 76, as by F.-A. Vincent; now unlocated
Allegory of Poetry
Allegory of Music
M. xxx Playing a Lyre
M. Le Comte in His Study, with a globe and books
Pierre Fournier, official of the Academie de Saint Luc
Mlle xxx, bust-length, oval, pastel
Several unidentified portraits and studies of heads

1779 - Salon de la Correspondance
Head of a Woman

1781 -Salon de la Correspondance
A Girl Smelling a Rose, half-length, pastel - Private collection, France
The Comte de Cosse

1782 -Salon de la Correspondance
Portrait of the Artist Wearing a Strazo Hat (fig. 7) - Private collection

1783 -Salon de la Correspondance
The Duc de Cossi, pastel - Brissac collection, Chdteau de Brissac, France
Diana, bust-length, pastel
Painter Joseph Vernet (cat. no. 7) - Musee du Louvre, Paris
Innocence Taking Refuge in the Arms of Justice, pastel - Musee d'Angers
Juno Borrowing the Girdle of Venus

1783 -Salon de I'Academie Royale
Marie Antoinette "en gaulle" (fig. 16) - Princess von Hessen und bei Rhein, Schloss Wolfsgarten, Darmstadt
Marie Antoinette "d la rose"- (?) Mme Regnault de la Mothe, nee de Fontanges, as of 1936; now in the possession of her heirs
Louis, Comte de Provence
The Comtesse de Provence - Formerly Gaby Salomon collection, Buenos Aires
Juno Borrowing the Girdle of Venus
Venus Binding the Wings of Cupid, pastel - Paris, Hotel Drouot, Vente anonyme, December 12, 1955, lot 13
Peace Bringing Back Abundance (cat. no. 9) - Musee du Louvre, Paris
The Marquise de la Guiche as a Milkmaid - Marquis de la Guiche, Chateau de Chaumont, France
Mme Grand (cat. no. 12) - The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Portrait of Mme xxx
Portrait of the Artist Wearing a Straw Hat (fig. 7) - Private collection, Switzerland
The Artist's Daughter, oval, pastel
Several unidentified portraits

1785 -Salon de I'Academie Royale
Madame Royale and the Dauphin (cat. no. 13) - Musee National du Chateau de Versailles
Bacchante (fig. 17) - Musee Nissim de Camondo, Paris
Charles Alexandre de Calonne (fig. 10) - Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle
Comtesse de Segur - Musee National du Chdteau de Versailles
The Baronne de Crussol (fig. 14) - Musee des Augustins, Toulouse
The Comtesse de Clermont-Tonnerre as a Sultana - Private collection, Paris
The Comtesse de Grammont-Caderousse (fig. 11) - A. de Sinety collection, Chdteau de Misy, Misy-sur-Yonne
The Comtesse de Chastenay (cat. no. 17) - Museo de Arte de Ponce
. Andre Ernest Gretry - Musee National du Chdteau de Versailles
Several unidentified portraits

1787 -Salon de I'Academie Royale
Antoinette and Her Children (fig. 30) - Musee National du Chateau de Versailles
The Marquise de Pezay and the Marquise de Rouge with Her Sons (cat. no. 24) - National Gallery of Art, Washington
The Comtesse de Beon - Mauleon collection, Chalabre, France; version (illus. by Helm [1915], facing p. 15) sold, New York, Parke Bernet, January 28, 1949, lot 282
"Le Petit d'Espagnac" (fig. 23) - Wallace Collection, London
Caroline Lalive de La Briche as a Child (fig. 22) - Private collection, France Mme de La Grange
The Actress Dugazon in the Role of "Nina" - Private collection, Switzerland
The Actress Mme Mole Raymond (fig. 39) - Musee du Louvre, Paris
The Actor Joseph Caillot - Private collection, Paris
Portrait of the Artist Holding Her Daughter (fig. 24) - Musee du Louvre, Paris
The Artist's Daughter with a Looking Glass (see cat. no. 25) - Private collection, Paris
The Artist's Daughter Reading a Bible (fig. 27) - Private collection, New York
Several unidentified portraits and studies

1789 -Salon de I'Academie Royale
The Duchesse d'Orleans (cat. no. 28) - Comte de Paris, Fondation Saint Louis, Chdteau d'Amboise
Prince Henry Lubomirsky as Cupid - Staatliche Museen Preussicher Kulturbesitz Gemdldegalerie, Berlin
Mohammed Dervisch-Khan - Marnier-Lapostolle collection, France
Mohammed Usman-Khan
Mme Pierre Rousseau with Her Daughter - Musee du Louvre, Paris
The Artist Hubert Robert (fig. 35) - Musee du Louvre, Paris
Alexandrine Emilie Brongniart (fig. 2) - Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, on deposit from The National Gallery, London
The Dauphin Louis Charles Holding a Dog - Formerly ChAteau de Saint Cloud; probably destroyed during the French Revolution
Several unidentified paintings

1791 - Salon
Portrait of a Young Spanish Lady (probably the Portrait of Mme Perregaux, fig. 40) - Wallace Collection, London
Portrait of a Woman Seated on a Sofa
The Composer Giovanni Paisiello (cat. no. 33) - Musee National du ChAteau de Versailles

1798 - Salon
The Artist's Daughter Playing a Guitar - Two extant versions: Fondation Tatiana Zuboff, Geneva, and Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth
Lady Hamilton as a Sibyl (1792; fig. 37) - Private collection, England

1802 - Salon
Stanislas II Augustus, King of Poland (1797; cat. no. 47) - Musee National du Chateau Versailles

1817 - Salon
Amphion Playing the Lyre (1793-1795) - Private collection, France
Marie Antoinette and Her Children (1787; fig. 30) - Musee National du Chateau de Versailles
Several unidentified portraits

1824 - Salon
The Duchesse de Berry - Two extant versions in private collections, Paris and Florence
The Duchesse de Gtiiche - Private collection, Paris
Count Tolstoy - Private collection, Paris
Mme Davidoff, nee de Gramont - Two extant versions: oval (formerly Wildenstein, Paris) and rectangular (Private collection, Senlis) General Comte du Coetlosquet
Mme Lafond
Several unidentified portraits

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