Links to Other Art sites and Resources
Art History Resources - C.Witcombe
Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun
Tamara de Lempicka, Art Deco
Raymond Loewy Designs
Musée d'Orsay
The Van Gogh Gallery
Metropolitan Museum of Art
MET-82nd & 5th series
MOMA - Museum of Modern Art
Neue Galerie New York
The Hermitage
M.C.Escher Official Site
Artist's Market - Fine Art
Kimbell Art Museum

Bat Guano Museum of Art
The National Gallery of Art
Johannes Vermeer Research
The Rijksmuseum
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
The Vatican Museum
Texas.Net Museum of Art

Jan Fell Wildlife Artist
The Art of Lois Duffy
The 10 most expensive art works
Pastels & Pastellists-Neil Jeffares
The WEB Art Museum
LA County Museum of Art
The Louvre
Australian Natl Univ Art Server
Utah Museum of Art
Rosamond Bernier - Art Lecturer
Top of Art Reproductions
Art Reproduction Links Links
Abacus Gallery - Reproductions
Fine Oil Painting Reproductions
ArtMolds - Molding & Casting Materials
1stdibs - Art Collecting Resource

V...Vaughan - Artist
Marcia Molnar - Artist
George Molnar - Artist
Mark Weber - Artist
Bill Cramer - Artist - Art Collecting Resource
Martin Onetto, Argentina
1st Art Gallery - Quality Paintings
Smithsonian Home Page
Bostons Museum of Bad art
Karin Wells - Portrait Artist
Katja Turnsek - Pet Portraits
Fine Art Reproductions Gallery
U of Arizona Art Museum
Tucson Museum of Art
Phoenix Art Museum
The Augustins Museum
The Guy Hepner Art Gallery
Smart-Ass Guide to Art
The Yale University Art Gallery
Yale Museum of British Art
The Great Building Collection
Andy Warhol Museum
U Wisconsin,Art History
Toperfect Oil Reproductions
Chicago Art Institute

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