High on Chimborazo
Welcome to the Ecuador 2003 Climbing CD. It covers our entire classic adventure in the Ecuadorian Andes. The CD includes the soon to be classic short film "Ecuador: the movie" as well as other shorter excerpt films of our Cotopaxi climb, the Great Train Ride and the full length film with the original audio. You need to install "quicktime" on your PC to view the films. I have included a quicktime install program for PCs on this CD. Ecuador: the movie is best viewed with the sound turned up. The movie was filmed in llamavison a new digital technology that approximates a llamas eye view of the action. A revised history of the Trans-Andean Railroad as well as a history of the Mountains and team bios are included on the CD.

The photo galleries include my digital photos, collections of maps and postcards and some Cotopaxi images from the web. There are more than a few classic photos from the trip on this CD. One of my favorites is the panorama of Chimborazo. If you would like to print any of the photos use the full size master images. The master images are stored in files labeled "BIG" in the "andes" file on the CD. They can be viewed directly from the "Master Image Files" link at the bottom of each page. Use the photo reference number from the photo gallery to find the master.

I would like to add a special thanks from our team to our extraordinary guides Shayan Rohani, Oswaldo Feire, Javier, and Alejandro and to Mountain Madness.

I hope you enjoy the CD. It was a blast climbing and traveling with you guys.

Kevin J. Kelly
Tucson, Arizona

"I'd rather wear out than rust out"
- Dick Bass

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