Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun
French, 1755-1842

Alexandre Charles Emmanuel de Crussol-Florensac (1747-1815)

Oil on Wood
Signed and dated (upper right):L.ze E.bet vigée: LeBrun: P.xte

This portrait--one of Vigée Le Brun's finest--shows Emmanuel de Crussol at the height of his military career, two years before the outbreak if the Revolution. He wears the blue sash and gold collar of the Order of the Holy Ghost and the Maltese cross of the Order of the Knights of Malta.

Crussol entered the service of the Comte d'Artoise (the future Charles X) in 1773, accompanying the prince at the seige of Gibraltar in 1782. During the Revolution he fought for the Royalist cause and, after the restoration of the monarchy, was elevated to the peerage in 1814 by Louis XVIII.

The Jules Bache Collection, 1949

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